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Customer’s Reviews

4.7 Over 971 Reviews
Yennie knocked it out of the park giving me a brand new set of 2D Hybrid Mink lashes with a gorgeous new red/brown auburn color. I am in love with the color
I have been coming to Ms. Kawaii Eyelash salon for almost 4 years exclusively and I cannot say enough about the quality of their lash techs. Although I have
Sara is great . Exactly what I asked for she did. And she lets me snore during the service I can't help it sometimes. Soothing music playing inside the
Grace is an amazing technician. She always ensures that I am satisfied with her service. I appreciate her patience and dedication
I appreciate no-fuss, low maintenance, quality service, and Ms. Kawaii/Serena always deliver. From the ease of making an appointment to the ease of checking
I've been going to Ms. Kawaii for years not at their SGV location, so i'm glad they're opening up more locations.

I've been to the Brea location twice now

Why We Are Better


  • Technicians
    • Licensed, and skilled.
    • Patience, and detail.
    • Listen to clients’ needs.
    • Keep learning.
  • The extensions do NOT contact the skin.
  • All individuals.
  • 5 glue to choose from.


  • 3 days warranty.
  • We understand eyelash extension is a “handwork technique”, meaning that a set of the extension’s final look may vary from the different eye shapes, materials, and application techniques. So we provide help centers to help clients who may have questions or issues with our service.
  • Help centers for after-service.
    • Center 1:6263891335
    • Center 2:6266069993

How to Take Care

  • Avoid wetting lashes within 24 hours.
  • Avoid sweating and any oil-based product, such as mascara/eyeliner/oil-based makeup removal.
  • To keep lashes healthy, it’s better to do a new set after 1 or 2 times refills; do a refill every 2-3 weeks.
  • Brush lashes from the MIDDLE to the end.
  • Be gentle, do not pull/rub lashes, otherwise, your real lashes will fall off with extensions.
  • How to clean
    • makeup: makeup removal+lash shampoo+water
    • no makeup: water only

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